Brilliance has no limits.

Neither do we.

What makes a hosting company great? Three factors: hardware, software, and support. At Bitcable, you’ll find a fantastic combination of all three.

Our hardware is 100% owned and colocated. Stop dealing with resellers and layers of clouded management, and go straight to the source.


$4.00 / month
1 GB space
40 GB BW
$8.00 / month
4 GB space
80 GB BW
$16.00 / month
16 GB space
160 GB BW

cPanel is the de facto control panel in the shared hosting industry. It's stable and feature-packed.

We utilize RAID10 arrays to maximize disk performance and redundancy. Two complete backups are taken—daily and weekly.

We don't limit domains, subdomains, email accounts, or databases.

If you have any specific questions, email us.


$8.00 / month
2 cores
256 MB RAM
12 GB space
500 GB BW
$16.00 / month
4 cores
512 MB RAM
25 GB space
$32.00 / month
8 cores
1024 MB RAM
50 GB space
$64.00 / month
8 cores
2048 MB RAM
100 GB space
$128.00 / month
8 cores
4096 MB RAM
200 GB space

No nonsense, magic fairy dust, or complications. Simple, stable, and secure kernel-based virtual machines.

KVM is an incredibly reliable virtualization platform. It's the fuel-efficient engine that powers your Bitcable VM (with racing stripes, of course).

Our host nodes run are rockin' Intel Xeon processors (Sandy Bridge), Western Digital hard drives (RAID 10), and Supermicro chassis. Server-grade everywhere. We're not here to play games.


Our entire server fleet is colocated at Latisys's Ashburn facility in Virginia. 36" raised-floor cooling, N+1 UPS and cooling, diesel generators, hot and cold-aisle distribution, biometric security, the works. Latisys's Tier III Ashburn facility is just minutes from Washington, DC.

Each server is connected via CAT6 to multiple providers, including: Global Crossing, Level(3), Abovenet, Comcast, and Hurricane Electric. The line is route-optimized to maximize efficiency.

GigE everywhere. Do we even have to say it?


We're always here for you. No exceptions.



Shared hosting:

VPS support:


Sending an email should open up a support ticket. Otherwise, use the client portal.


Bitcable was founded in August 2010, and we’ve been pushing bits to the limit ever since.

Isomerous, LLC - The Bitcable brand is an asset of Isomerous, LLC, which was registered back in 2008 in Ashburn Virginia. We’re a tight-knit organization with a huge focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Setup and billing

  1. Setup is automated and will be completed as soon as the transaction is processed. Any custom upgrades / additions will be processed manually and will be completed within 24 hours. All orders are screened with a fraud detection system. If your order is rejected, we will require you to provide accurate information.
  2. We have the right to deny service to any party for any reason.
  3. To receive a refund, services must be canceled though the billing system or by using our support utilities. Refunds must be requested within 30 days of payment.
  4. Domain registrations cannot be refunded. If a domain was registered for free, we will refund your money minus fees related to the domain name. You will have 100% control over your domain registration, and you will be free to transfer to another registrar.
  5. For VPS servers, any bandwidth usage over 10% will not be refunded. Bandwidth usage over 10% will be charged $0.20 per gigabyte.
  6. Refunds will not be processed if these terms are violated.
  7. Our prices are subject to change. Your prices will not be affected as long as you are subscribed.
  8. These terms are subject to change and the Subscriber agrees to be legally bound to the latest version of these terms.


  1. Bitcable and / or Isomerous, LLC. may not be held responsible for any content uploaded to our servers. Our servers are located in the United States of America, and US laws will apply. Hosting unlawful content will result in immediate termination and refunds will not be permitted.
  2. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited, and will lead to immediate termination.
  3. Spam is ABSOLUTELY not tolerated. Any reports of spam being sent from our services will result in termination.
  4. Adult content is prohibited on all servers.
  5. We reserve the right to disclose any of your information to law enforcement agencies without consent from the subscriber upon lawful request.
  6. The use of IRC servers / clients is prohibited on all servers.

Uptime and backups

  1. While Bitcable provides complementary backups for shared hosting users, we encourage users to make backups of their own. Bitcable will not be held liable for lost backups.
  2. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for shared and VPS hosting plans. If we fail to meet these expectations, the client will be held responsible to request a service credit while providing sufficient evidence (such as an uptime report)
  3. Backups are not generated for VPS plans. We encourage VPS users to generate their own backups.

Changes and acceptance

  1. We reserve the right to make changes to our services, prices, and/or terms at any time.
  2. Prices for existing products and services will not change.
  3. Your acceptance of these terms is assumed upon signup.


  1. 24 / 7 support is available for all clients.
  2. 24 / 7 support is guaranteed only for level 1 and level 2 issues. Level 3 issues require sophisticated management and will be handled as quickly as possible.

Suspension and termination

  1. Suspended shared hosting accounts will remain on our servers for a maximum of two weeks. Any data and backups will be deleted after two weeks.
  2. Suspended VPS accounts will remain on our servers for a maximum of one week. Any data will be deleted after one week.
  3. Data belonging to terminated accounts will be deleted immediately.